How to Teach English Online Without a Degree (2023)

Interested in teaching English online but didn’t go to college? These 13 companies hire folks to teach English online without a degree!

In recent years, the opportunity to work from home as an English teacher online has skyrocketed! As more and more people around the world are making English a priority, they are looking to native English speakers to share their wisdom as an online tutor, teacher, or course instructor.

One of the pros of teaching English online is the ability to live and work anywhere. It’s also one of the quickest and easiest ways to make some money online and I highly recommend it!

Before you can start teaching online, you must fulfill a few job requirements. Unfortunately, many online teaching companies require teachers to have a college education.

But not all! This list shares all of the companies that’ll hire you to teach English online without a degree. How great is that? You just have to fulfill a few other essential teaching requirements to get the job.

Here’s how you can start teaching English online without a degree today!

This post contains affiliate links, meaning at no additional cost to you, if you click through and make a purchase, I may earn a small commission. Thank you for your support <3 Learn more on my disclosure page.

What are the job requirements to teach English online without a degree?

Every English tutoring job has special hiring requirements, but in general, if you want to teach English online with no degree, you’ll need to meet these three requirements.

1. Be a native English speaker.

If you’re from the US, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, or Ireland, you’ve fulfilled the first requirement needed to become an online English teacher!

Some companies will consider hiring you if you’re from South Africa, or have high English ability, but some are quite picky and particular about the accents of their English teachers.

2. Have some experience teaching or with kids.

Many English teaching platforms usually prefer that applicants have some experience with children and/or teaching and tutoring, but it’s not usually mandatory. It just depends on the specific company, but getting experience may be the competitive edge needed for a successful application.

3. Have a TEFL certificate or teaching qualification.

Wait, this is a post about teaching English online without a degree, right? Absolutely!

But while you don’t need a full-on college degree, many online English teaching jobs do require teachers to have a TEFL certificate or teaching license.

If you’re wondering – what’s a TEFL certification? – it’s essentially a document that proves you’ve received formal training to teach English as a foreign language. There are many affordable online TEFL courses for those in need of a TEFL, making the certification process fairly painless.

How to Get TEFL Certified:
Choosing the Best Online TEFL Course

If you don’t have a TEFL certification yet, then your very first step is to choose the course that’s best for you. If you’re only looking to teach English online and not abroad or in an international school, a cheap TEFL course online is all you need.

Most online courses require just a few month’s worth of effort and range in price from as little as $150 – $500. I recommend budget-friendly TEFL providers like iTTT TEFL, PremierTEFL, and The TEFL Org.

There are even a few opportunities that offer free TEFL certifications, but you must qualify.

If you choose iTTT, you can save 20% on your future TEFL course by using my iTTT link here! The discount is applied directly at checkout.

How to Teach English Online Without a Degree (1)

Teaching English Online Without a Degree

13 companies hiring now!

1. PalFish: Teach Chinese Students On An App

Pay:~$14-$22 / hour (55 RMB per 25-minute class), PalFish salary set by PF
Hours:Afterschool hours on China Standard Time, no min time commitment
Equipment needed:Smartphone, tripod, headphones with mic, reliable WIFI
How to apply:On app – application form, video-recorded interview + teacher manual quiz

PalFish is an app for Chinese students seeking a native English speaker to teach English after school and on the weekends. Payment is made monthly via Payoneer. There are two ways to teach English with Palfish – via their Official Kids Course and/or with their FreeTalk program.

FreeTalk with Palfish does not require an interview, a TEFL certificate, or structured lessons and is more of a paid language exchange. Teachers set their rates and PalFish takes a 20% cut off what you make with FreeTalk.

The Official Kids Course requires teachers to have a TEFL certification and to go through the official PalFish application and interview process but you don’t need a degree for the OKC. With the OKC, Palfish has created lessons and lesson slides for you, and you just simply teach them to your students in a one-on-one setting. You make more money with OKC than FreeTalk.

*I’m currently teaching with PalFish and can completely vouch for how easy it is to make $16/hour in the comfort of your own home. It’s a great side hustle!

Check out my honest PalFish review andapply to Palfish here.

How to Teach English Online Without a Degree (2)

My PalFish profile inside the app – if you list me as your referrer I can help you with the interview process! 🙂

2. Cambly: Chat With ESL Adults On Your Smartphone

Pay:~$10/hour ($0.17/minute), rate set by Cambly
Hours:24/7, no peak times, no min time commitment
Equipment needed:Smartphone or computer w/ webcam, headphones, reliable WIFI
How to apply:Application form, network check + video recording

Cambly is an online platform and app that connects English teachers with students from all over the world and sets up one-on-one chat sessions for students to better their English speaking abilities. No degree, certification, or experience necessary!

Tutors make $0.17 per minute, which is automatically kept track of by Cambly and paid out weekly on Mondays via PayPal. The application process is relatively easy and just requires some necessary information, a short video introduction, and a test to ensure your network is stable enough for video chatting.

Learn more aboutCambly and apply here!


3. Lingoda: Teach Adults Your Native Language

Pay:~$8 – $12/hour lesson, rate set by Lingoda
Hours:24/7, no peak times, no min time commitment
Equipment needed:Computer w/ webcam, reliable WIFI
How to apply:Application form, interview + video training

Lingoda teachers can teach more than just English online; you could also teach Spanish, French, or German if you’re a native speaker or are certified to teach them. All lesson materials are provided for you in PDF format, and class sessions are for one hour. Your classes may have between 1-5 students.

While you don’t need an actual college degree, you do need to have a TEFL certification or foreign language certificate for what you want to teach, plus at least two years’ experience teaching.

To apply, you must fill out an application explaining your experience and certification and then undergo an interview process. If you pass the interview, you must then watch a few training videos before you can start teaching.

Become ateacher with Lingoda here.

4. Rype App: Teach a Foreign Language Online

Pay:$9-$11/hour, rate set by Rype
Hours:24/7, 10 hours weekly commitment required
Equipment needed:Skype, quality webcam, reliable WIFI
How to apply:Application form + video interview

Rype is a platform where students can learn foreign languages like English, French, Japanese, Korean, Arabic, Mandarin, and more in a one-on-one setting. Lessons are 30 minutes, and teachers get paid via PayPal each month.

To teach English with Rype, you need to have previous teaching experience either online or in person, and a reliable internet connection. The application process requires applicants to provide basic information, teaching experience, and what you’d like to teach.

Then just pass the one-on-one video interview, and you’re all set to market yourself and start making money in the comfort of your home.

Learn more and apply toteach with Rype!

How to Teach English Online Without a Degree (3)

Most online jobs only require a computer and good WiFi!

5. Amazing Talker: Tutor Adult Language Learners

Pay:~$10 – $25, set your own rate
Hours:24/7, no minimum hours required
Equipment needed:Computer, webcam, microphone, reliable WIFI
How to apply:Application form + trial lesson video recording + online training

Amazing Talker hires not only English teachers but teachers for over 50 languages ranging from Chinese, Korean, Spanish, French and more! Trial lessons with Amazing Talker are set at 25 minutes long while official private lessons run for 50 minutes.

As a teacher, you can choose what to charge, and you have the freedom to determine your teaching hours. However, Amazing Talker takes a commission fee of 15% to cover the costs associated with running their online platform.

Although no certificate or degree is required for native speakers, their application process claims to be super strict and competitive, with only a 3% acceptance rate. If you wish to teach a language that you’re not a native in, you need to have a degree or certificate proving you’re qualified to teach it.

Learn more and apply to teach withAmazing Talker here!

6. SkimaTalk: Teach Japanese Business Professionals

Pay:~$16+/hour, rate set by SkimaTalk + set your own rate
Hours:24/7, no min weekly hours required
Equipment needed:Skype, computer, webcam + microphone, reliable WIFI
How to apply:Registration, teacher profile, intro video + simple tests

SkimaTalk connects Japanese adult professionals seeking to better their English abilities with a native teacher. SkimaTalk recommends that teachers charge $8 per 25-minute lesson 16/hour), but after you’ve completed the three probationary classes required by SkimaTalk, you’re free to charge as you wish. SkimaTalk charges a 20% fee of all class fees.

To be competitive as a teacher, you must maintain great reviews from students and have an active profile on their online platform. Payment is issued monthly via PayPal, and teachers aren’t required to have a degree or TEFL certificate, they just need to be native speakers from America, the UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Ireland.

Learn more about applying to be ateacher with SkimaTalk.

(Video) Teaching English online without a degree | How to make money online teaching

7. italki: Practice A Foreign Language with International Adults

Pay:~$9 – $19/hour, set your own rate
Hours:Peak times in Russia, Brazil, US, China
Equipment needed:VOIP software, computer, webcam + microphone, reliable WIFI
How to apply:Application form, teacher video, training quizzes + video chat interview

italki is a multi-language learning platform that connects prospective students predominantly from Russia, Brazil, the US, and China with native speakers of the language they wish to learn. There are two ways to teach or tutor with italki – as a “community tutor” or “professional teacher.”

As a community tutor, you can tutor English online without a degree or an ESL certificate. You just need to be a native speaker. There are no structured lesson plans as a community tutor. Instead, you’re offering language exchange services.

Professional teachers need to have a degree or TEFL certification to be accepted and must also create and upload their lesson plans.

You set your own rate on italki, but community tutors, on average, make about $9-$13/hour, and professional teachers make $15-$19/hour. italki takes a 15% fee from all class fees. Check out more on italki’s English teacher manualand see their other language manualshere.

Apply to be ateacher with italki here.

How to Teach English Online Without a Degree (4)

8. Preply: Teach English + More Online

Pay:~$10 – 20/hour, set your own rate
Hours:24/7, no minimum time required
Equipment needed:Computer, microphone, webcam + reliable WIFI
How to apply:Application form, video introduction, + verify documents

Preply is a platform that connects teachers of all subjects with prospective students. There are 55 subjects taught on Preply from languages to university subjects, hobbies, and art. Teachers are responsible for creating their own lesson plans and for setting their own rate.

Be warned, Preply does take some hefty fees. The first lesson with every new student is taken as 100% commission by Preply, and then 18 – 30% of each lesson fee after.

Lessons run one hour, and payments are made via PayPal, Payoneer, or Skrill.You don’t need a degree or to be certified to tutor on Preply, but a TEFL certificate or teaching experience will make you a more competitive tutor.

Apply here toteach with Preply.

9. Tandem App: Get Paid for a Language Exchange On Your Phone

Pay:~$10 – $12+ / hour, set your own rate
Hours:24/7, no minimum requirement
Equipment needed:Smartphone, headphones + microphone, reliable internet
How to apply:Application form, interview in the app

Tandem is a language exchange app based out of Germany that connects people from all over the world. First and foremost, their app is a free social media platform for people to chat while practicing a foreign language.

But they also connect more serious students seeking a one-on-one structured lesson with paid tutors. Students can pay for 20, 40, 60, or 90-minute lessons, which are all taught in the app. Tandem plans all language lessons for you, making it easy to just show up and teach the language of your choice – they offer over 160 languages!

Tutors set their own prices and keep 80% of their fees. No degree is needed to teach with Tandem, but you will need a TEFL or TESOL certificate.

Apply here toteach with the Tandem app.

Traveling while teaching on your smartphone couldn’t be easier!

10. Verbling: Native Speakers Teaching Their Native Language

Pay:~$20/hour, set your own rate
Hours:24/7, no minimum hours
Equipment needed:Computer, webcam + microphone, Chrome browser, reliable internet
How to apply:Application form + video introduction

Verbling is a website based out of Sweden. They hire native speakers of various languages and sell their services to students looking to better their language skills. You don’t need to have a degree or be ESL certified to teach online, but they do want to see verifiable teaching experience and that you’re a native speaker of the language you wish to teach.

(Video) 5 websites to teach English with no degree or teaching experience.( How to teach online).

All lessons are one-on-one via video chat, and teachers have the freedom to set their own rates minus a 15% commission fee taken by Verbling. The company helps you find students, but you also must market yourself. You‘re also responsible for creating your own lesson materials and assignments.

Sign up and apply forVerbling here.

11. English Ninjas: Tutor Turkish Students On An App

Pay:$0.16/minute, rate set by English Ninjas
Hours:peak hours 6 PM – 2 AM Turkish time, no min requirement
Equipment needed:Home computer, webcam + microphone, reliable internet connection
How to apply:Application form, test your internet speed, 3 min demo lesson + Skype interview

English Ninjas is another app-based platform where students from all over the world connect with native English teachers. You don’t need to have a degree or a teaching certificate, although it’s preferred.

Some people have complained about disorganization and low pay, but it’s another option in terms of online side hustles you can complete from the convenience of your phone.

You must first create a sign-in account with them and then can apply to become a tutor from there.

Apply forEnglish Ninjas here.

12. OKpanda: Adult Japanese + Korean Students

Pay:~$7-$15/hour, rate set by OKpanda
Hours:Peak times in Japan + Korea, two hours per day, four days a week required
Equipment needed:Home computer, webcam + microphone, reliable internet connection
How to apply:Sign up, application form, 15-minute language assessment online, video intro

OKpanda is a Japanese company that helps adult EFL learnings in both Japan and Korea set up organized English tutoring sessions with private teachers. Most lessons are taught via video chat, but some audio lessons may be available for teaching.

Pay is set by OKpanda and determined by the tutors native or not language skill, education level, and teacher experience. You can teach English with no degree or TEFL at OKPanda, but they can help your application stand out. Each lesson is a 25-minute session, and the rate for each paid lesson is between$1.30 to $7.50. Native English speakers receive higher pay.

Apply toteach with OKpanda here.

13. Special mention: Create Your Own Course withUdemy

Pay: Super variable!

Udemy is a platform that allows any and teachers to plan, create, and upload an online video course for students. You can create a course for pretty much anything from language instruction to knitting, blogging, and beyond – whatever skill you have to share with the world, you’re free to do so!

You earn money after you’ve created your course and uploaded it Udemy for others to purchase.Udemy takes a feefrom your earnings, usually about 50%, but you have complete freedom to charge whatever you want for your course.

People have reported insane online earnings with Udemy, but be warned, a lot of time and energy goes into planning and producing a single course. And after it’s made, it’s up to people to buy. Payment is distrusted via PayPal or Payoneer monthly.

See more for insider tips into creating aprofitable Udemy course.

Sign up to be aninstructor on Udemy.

This post contains affiliate links, meaning at no additional cost to you, if you click through and make a purchase, I may earn a small commission. Thank you for your support <3 Learn more on my disclosure page.

I hope this guide sharing how teach English online without a degree was helpful! Please share any questions or comments below!

Happy online teaching everyone!

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How to Teach English Online Without a Degree (7)
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Can you teach English remotely without a degree? ›

Can you teach English online without a degree? The simple answer is: yes! The honest answer is: still yes, but be aware that it's going to be more of a challenge than it is for teachers who do have a degree.

How can I start teaching English online? ›

How to start teaching English online
  1. Be Fluent in the English Language. ...
  2. Get Certified. ...
  3. Get the Right Hardware and an Internet Connection. ...
  4. Create a Resume and an Online Profile. ...
  5. Setup a PayPal Account. ...
  6. Browse & Apply for Jobs/Students. ...
  7. Start Teaching!
13 Feb 2019

How can I teach English online with no experience? ›

Do you need experience to teach English online? Good news: experience isn't necessary to teach English online. There are plenty of online teaching companies out there that don't ask for any previous teaching experience, so as long as you have at least a 120-hour TEFL qualification there are jobs out there for you.

What qualifications do you need to teach English online? ›

What do you need to teach English online? To teach online successfully, you'll need a secure and reliable Internet connection, a Zoom or Skype account, and a TESOL/TEFL certificate. Generally, it's also important to be a native English speaker. Finally, most important is a friendly, patient, and punctual personality.

How much is a TEFL certificate? ›

You know you need it, but how much does TEFL certification cost? Prices vary depending on some key factors, but expect to pay about $200 for very minimal online certification and closer to $400-$500 USD for online certification of enough hours (at least 120) to qualify for most TEFL/TESOL jobs.

Is TEFL worth it without a degree? ›

While the value of a Bachelor's degree speaks for itself, you don't necessarily need one to teach English abroad. With a great TEFL certification, you might just have all you need to get started teaching overseas!

Is a TEFL certificate worth it? ›

Is TEFL Certification Worth It? Yes. If you want to get a good teaching job and be an effective teacher for your students, then it is definitely worth it. Remember, most schools worldwide require a TEFL certification; and once you're certified you can the ball rolling on applying and interviewing for jobs.

How long does it take to get a TEFL Certificate? ›

Typically, a fully accredited TEFL certification course will last anywhere from 4 weeks to 6 months. Shorter, 4-week long courses will generally run full-time (30-40 hours per week) and are very demanding.

Does teaching English online pay well? ›

Most first-time online-English teachers can make $10-$20 an hour (if you are a fluent English speaker with a TEFL certification) and sometimes more, especially as you gain more experience or if you have advanced credentials (like a teaching degree).

How difficult is the TEFL course? ›

Generally speaking TEFL is not hard to pass. Face-to-face courses generally have interviews and strict admission requirements so if it is not likely to complete or pass the course, they will not be admitted in the first place.

Is teaching English online difficult? ›

Teaching English is very easy for students who have skills already—those who are in the intermediate and advanced levels. But for those who really don't have any skills and knowledge about English (we call them beginners), it's really difficult. But as a whole, it is easy since we use some materials during the class.

How many hours does an online English teacher work? ›

However, they do expect their teachers to work for between 5 to 20 hours per week. When you teach those hours is completely up to you however and you can set your own schedule each week.

Can you teach with just a TEFL certificate? ›

Yes, you can teach English in the United States with your TEFL certification. There are millions of non-native English speakers living, working and studying in the United States and the demand for English language instruction is huge.

How do I start teaching English for beginners? ›

7 tips for teaching English to beginners
  1. Keep instructions clear and simple. ...
  2. Let them listen first. ...
  3. Drill, repeat, drill, repeat, drill… ...
  4. Establish classroom language early on. ...
  5. Avoid metalanguage. ...
  6. Don't forget that your students are fluent in their own language(s) ...
  7. Prepare well, prepare a lot, keep them talking.
15 Jun 2017

Can I teach English without TEFL? ›

You don't need a TEFL qualification for all teaching jobs but finding employment will be much easier if you have it. This is because many other positions aren't as well paid and they're not always with the most reputable employers.

How long do TEFL certificates last? ›

A TEFL certification does not expire. Once earned, a TEFL certificate is valid for life. A TEFL certificate doesn't require any additional training or coursework to renew it, and it does not have an expiration date. You can start work immediately after receiving your TEFL certificate.

Is there an age limit for TEFL teachers? ›

Generally, there are no rules or age limits to teaching English abroad. In fact, many schools actively seek mature TEFL teachers, who have some life experience to bring to the classroom.

How do you qualify for TEFL? ›

TEFL certificate entry requirements
  1. Minimum education requirements for online TEFL course: High school diploma/GED.
  2. Minimum education requirements for in-person TEFL course: Bachelor's degree.
  3. Proof of English proficiency for non-fluent English speakers.
  4. Scan of government ID.
  5. Written application and essay.
30 Jul 2018

Is TEFL a good side hustle? ›

Teaching English is a really adaptable side hustle, meaning you can essentially pick it up and put it down whenever you want to. Also, it's super easy to get started. Once you have a TEFL qualification, there are myriad businesses online looking to get English teachers tutoring students.

Are TEFL jobs in demand? ›

Is TEFL a Good Career Choice? The growing use of English has generated enormous demand for English language instruction, presenting innumerable opportunities for native and fluent English speakers to gain employment in the field of TEFL.

Will TEFL get me a job? ›

TEFL Certification alone isn't always enough to get you a job. To have the best possible chance for getting hired, you should also have a bachelor's degree from an accredited university, be a native or fluent English speaker, and meet all of the TEFL job requirements for the country where you've chosen to teach.

How much do TEFL teachers make online? ›

Does teaching English online pay well? Generally speaking, online English teachers typically make anywhere between $10 - $40 USD per hour depending on their level of qualification. If you're a first-time English teacher with a TEFL certification, you will likely be making $10-$20 per hour to start.

Is 30 too old to teach English abroad? ›

Are there any age restrictions for teaching English overseas? In general, there isn't an age limit for teacher job opportunities abroad. Even if you've never been in a classroom since your college days, that doesn't mean you can't consider teaching English abroad in your thirties.

What is better than TEFL? ›

TEFL refers to any certification program that trains an English speaker to teach their language to others. CELTA, on the other hand, is an intensive ESL teaching certificate, designed by Cambridge University. It is considered one of the most prestigious qualifications for teaching English abroad.

How do I get my TEFL certificate online? ›

How to get TEFL certification online?
  1. Research online TEFL course options & create a plan for teaching English abroad or online.
  2. Enroll in a part-time or full-time online TEFL course.
  3. Complete your TEFL course.
  4. Begin your job search during or after your course.
  5. Interview & accept TEFL job.
30 Sept 2022

Is 120 hours TEFL enough? ›

The general rule. So if you're wondering, “how many hours of TEFL do I need?”, the answer is it depends! Generally 120 hours minimum is the most common requirement, but some countries only require 100 hours or have no preference at all.

Which TEFL certificate is best? ›

Best TEFL Certification Programs of 2022
  • Best Overall: International TEFL Academy.
  • Best Online Program: Premier TEFL.
  • Best Budget-Friendly Option: ITT.
  • Best for Student Support: TEFL Org.
  • Best Hybrid Program: ITTT.
  • Best for Specializations: Teach Away.
  • Best for Overseas Job Placement: TEFLPros.
  • Best for Online Teaching: i-to-i.
25 Oct 2022

Which online teaching platform pays most? ›

14 highest paid teaching jobs online
  1. Preply. Preply is an online language learning platform where students get to work with their preferred tutor at their own time and pace. ...
  2. VIPKid. ...
  3. Lingoda. ...
  4. SayABC. ...
  5. Qkids. ...
  6. DadaABC. ...
  7. Cambly. ...
  8. Italki.
18 Oct 2022

Who pays the most to teach English online? ›

Which country pays the highest salary to English teachers?
  • South Korea ($1,150-$2,650 USD a month)
  • China ($1,200-$2,600 USD a month)
  • Japan ($1,700-$2,600 USD a month)
  • Taiwan ($2,000-$3,000 USD a month)
  • Gulf Arab States ($2,000-$5,000 USD a month)
  • Honorable Mention: Vietnam ($1,500-$2,000 USD a month)
31 Oct 2022

How much money can I make a month teaching English online? ›

How much does an Online ESL Teacher make? As of Nov 21, 2022, the average monthly pay for an Online ESL Teacher in the United States is $3,343 a month.

Can you fail TEFL? ›

It is possible to fail a TEFL course. If you have a degree already and are a native English speaker, you will absolutely be able to handle the course load.

Can you do TEFL for 3 months? ›

A TEFL placement is considered long-term if the length is 3-6 months or more. Long-term contracts cover all types of jobs; language schools, private schools, universities… the list goes on. The types of learners are just as varied, ranging from nursery level to business professionals.

What is the passing score for TEFL? ›

70% is considered a passing grade. The certification is awarded only if you receive a passing grade, so once you achieve 70% you will achieve a TEFL qualification. You will receive regular grades on assignments and tests, you must get 70% on each one.

How do I start an online teaching from home? ›

Getting started with Online teaching in India: A stepwise guide for beginners
  1. Step 1: Choose a subject. ...
  2. Step 2: Know your audience. ...
  3. Step 3: Making the course pattern. ...
  4. Step 4: Selling the course. ...
  5. Step 5: Choose the Platform to Sell. ...
  6. Work from anywhere. ...
  7. More productivity. ...
  8. Cost-effective.

Can you teach English online if you only speak English? ›

You don't need to speak another language to teach English online, in fact most online companies won't even ask you if you can speak another language and if you do they'll encourage you to only use English in your lessons anyway.

What is the most difficult part of teaching English? ›

Here are five of the most difficult features of the English language, presented along with practical tips on how to tackle them.
  1. The Spelling System. ...
  2. Tenses. ...
  3. Polysemy & Context. ...
  4. Phrasal verbs. ...
  5. Size of the English Lexicon. ...
  6. 3 Steps for Effective Translation to Learn Any Language.

What does teaching English online look like? ›

Teaching English online is teaching English as a foreign language (TEFL) to a non-native English speaker over the internet through a computer and a webcam. Students can learn one-on-one or in a small group, and the cost is usually relatively cheaper than an in-person, face-to-face ESL class.

Where should I teach English online? ›

8 of the best online teaching companies to work for
  • Skooli.
  • VIPKid.
  • Preply.
  • QKids.
  • iTutorGroup.
  • BEILS Turkey.
  • Whales English.
  • English Hunt.

How can I start teaching online and make money? ›

There are many learning platforms where you can register, teach online, and earn money.
Some of the best platforms for teaching are:
  1. Chegg.
  2. Byju's.
  3. Vedantu.
  4. Unacademy.
  5. Khan Academy.
  6. Skill Share.
  7. Udemy.

Which is better ESL or TEFL? ›

The primary difference between these two certifications involves your career intentions. A TEFL certification is needed if you plan to teach English abroad. If you will be teaching English as a language to non-English speakers in their native country, this is the certification for you.

What jobs can I do with a TEFL certificate? ›

Can you make a career out of TEFL?
  • Carry on teaching. Why not? ...
  • Become a senior teacher or Academic Coordinator. ...
  • Become a Director of Studies. ...
  • Open your own language school. ...
  • Become a TEFL teacher trainer. ...
  • Get involved in ELT publishing.
14 Jul 2022

What countries require TEFL? ›

CountryTEFLTeaching experience
Myanmar (Burma)TEFL required 120 hour Minimum preferredSome experience required
Russia100 hour TEFL required minimumTeaching experience required
South Korea120 hour TEFL requiredTeaching experience preferred
Thailand120 hour TEFL required minimum2 years' teaching experience preferred
12 more rows
15 Feb 2019

What is the first thing to teach in English? ›

One of the first things you should start with is to teach the alphabet and numbers. By teaching the alphabet and numbers, you'll create a great foundation for everything else that your students will learn. Have your students learn the alphabet to a certain point. You can start at "a" and go to "m," if you want.

What should I teach on the first day of English class? ›

First Class Activities

Asking students to introduce themselves, ask you a question, talk about their expectations for the course, or introduce a partner are all good activities for the first day of class. Try to keep all the activities you do in the first lesson fun and light.

Which English skill should I learn first? ›

When we learn our native language, we usually learn to listen first, then to speak, then to read, and finally to write. These are called the four "language skills": Skill #1: Listening. Skill #2: Speaking.

How do I get a TEFL job with no experience? ›

How can I get a TEFL job with no experience?
  1. Get TEFL qualified. ...
  2. Make sure your CV is up to scratch. ...
  3. Apply for vacancies listed on TEFL jobs sites. ...
  4. Send your CV proactively to language schools. ...
  5. Go to where you want to teach. ...
  6. Use a TEFL recruitment agency. ...
  7. Get some TEFL experience.
19 Jan 2022

Can I teach ESL online without a bachelor's degree? ›

Yes, you can teach English online without a degree! While some of the major online teaching companies require a degree, there are many that don't. A TEFL certification can provide you with the training and qualifications that you need to get a job teaching English online.

Can I teach English online without a TEFL certificate? ›

Technical requirements: Smartphone / tablet, strong internet connection, webcam and headset. Other requirements: The only essential requirement for Cambly is fluent English but we would recommend getting a TEFL qualification first, to make sure your students get the most from your classes and keep coming back!

Can I teach English online privately? ›

Private ESL tutoring is not only in high demand, but if you market your skills, experience, and enthusiasm correctly, you can charge higher rates than when working with a company. You are in the driver's seat when it comes to how much you think your particular skills and niche are worth, which is pretty amazing!

How do I get a TEFL job online? ›

Q: How do I qualify to apply for TEFL jobs online? First, you'll need an internationally-recognised TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) qualification. As we've mentioned, all our TEFL courses are Ofqual-regulated, so you know you're in safe hands as you start your journey to teach English online.

How much do online English teachers make? ›

Does teaching English online pay well? Generally speaking, online English teachers typically make anywhere between $10 - $40 USD per hour depending on their level of qualification. If you're a first-time English teacher with a TEFL certification, you will likely be making $10-$20 per hour to start.

Is TEFL online worth it? ›

So, TEFL or TESOL accredited course is definitely worth doing, as it provides you the chance to earn and fund your travelling expenses overseas. TEFL certificate is also the success key to qualify yourself for better and lucrative jobs in international schools and universities.

Are cheap TEFL courses worth it? ›

Avoid Too Cheap of TEFL Courses

Some people have taken them and had success, but they're not reliable, and it might not cut the mustard on a job application. That's where reading reviews for both the school you're applying to and the TEFL provider comes in handy.

How many hours do you need to teach TEFL? ›

Generally 120 hours minimum is the most common requirement, but some countries only require 100 hours or have no preference at all. Most employers prefer to hire English teachers with an internationally recognized TEFL certification from a 100-120-hour course.

What are the requirements for TEFL? ›

TEFL certificate entry requirements
  • Minimum education requirements for online TEFL course: High school diploma/GED.
  • Minimum education requirements for in-person TEFL course: Bachelor's degree.
  • Proof of English proficiency for non-fluent English speakers.
  • Scan of government ID.
  • Written application and essay.
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